Animation expert in pune smart city

Animation expert in pune smart city

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Animation expert in pune smart city

Pune on its way to becoming a SMART CITY!

With the overwhelming support and wholehearted encouragement of Punekars, we are on our way to becoming a Smart City!!

The Government of India has launched the flagship mission to create 100 smart cities in the next five years. The objective is to build cities that provide infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to their citizens and a clean and sustainable environment. These cities will use several Smart ideas including solar power, water recycling, smart metering, digitization and waste management.

Pune will benefit greatly due to the initiative. If Pune becomes a Smart City, it would mean increased government funding as well as other resources to make some of the final shortlisted development ideas provided by citizens, come to life. A Smart City would have ideas that anticipate the needs of citizens such that quality of life improves significantly. ideas could be in areas such as:

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Housing ideas
  • Water and sewage
  • Energy
  • Waste and sanitation
  • Safety and security
  • E-governance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Culture and Identity
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Employment and Economy

Punekars, this is an opportunity to shape Pune’s future and create an even better home for you. Read more


We, the citizens, along with Pune Municipal Corporation and the city’s various public, private, civic and social Organizations now have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate towards the development of our smart city. The Smart Cities Mission is a platform to come together to ensure that Pune makes it to the final cut – that is, the final list of 20 Smart Cities that will be selected by January 31st, 2016. Active contribution by each one of us will make that happen!

Your continued participation will help in the successful completion of Pune’s mission and enable the city to give its best in the challenge. Pune Smart City cannot be built without Punekars. Your vision for sustainable and inclusive development will ensure that we arrive at the best Idea.

Over the next two months, we will be asking for your inputs on various issues of importance in three separate phases which will help us identify what kind of smart city we want Pune to be:

  • Phase 1 (Envision 17th – 28th Sept 2015): We will collectively create the overall vision for Pune based on your inputs. It will also help us identify the major issues people face currently in the city.
  • Phase 2 (Diagnose 3rd – 12th October 2015): Our identification of development opportunities and issues in each core area will help us identify the most vital issues that need to be resolved in Pune
  • Phase 3 (Co-Create 16th – 31st October 2015): We will aim to address the issues using the ideas we identify.Ultimately, we will have a detailed understanding of citizens’ issues – both pan-city and those specific to different areas. This will help us to create a plan that is very close to reality, which can be implemented practically.

Through this three-stage process, we intend to understand YOUR priorities and arrive at ideas which can truly transform our Pune into a Smart City in the future!

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