1. Explainer video production Process involves following major steps
2. Scriptwriter, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Voice-over Artist and Sound-Effects Artist are involved in explainer video production.
3. Each of these role players gives unique contribution to Explainer video production.
4.Video production described in a step by step process.
Step I::Understanding Client's Requirement:
First step involves getting into client’s brief, understand his/her business entity and also video required. The scriptwriter who goes through all the process. There will be arrangements done between the scriptwriter and the client if there will be any doubts or queries.
Step II: Research and Brainstorming:
After all the important information gathering from the client, a secondary research is conducted for good understanding the business.
The information is given to the storyboard artist and to the animator. After their brief understanding they sit with the scriptwriter to visualize the video storyline,
decide on characterizations & other visual elements, and finalize on how those elements would be animated and the video script is crafted
Step III: Scripting & Voice-over
The video script is crafted and sent to the client for approval. Normally there will be mature acts. If the client sent his approval, the script is recorded as a voice-over, which at a later stage, is placed as a background narration in the video..
Step IV: Storyboarding & Illustration
'storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence.
Storyboarding involves sketching the scenes of the video, frame-by-frame. This is done as final script and sent to the client for approval. Once it is approved then the storyboard goes through colourization and again sent to the client for approval.
Step V: Animation and Sound Effects
Once the client is fully satisfy the animation process started .Eventually it takes a lot time
As it isn’t a simple job to bring static story board characters/element to life. The final animation is done by voice-over,
thus ensuring proper synchronization between the audio and the visual. Also the animation and voice-over are integrated together to form the video.
Sound effects are added to the video enhance the video quality. The final video is sent to client for approval.
Step VI: Delivery
Finally the video and all belongs files is delivered to the client. As per the client's requirement, the video is delivered in 'mov', 'avi' and/or 'mp4' format(s). This is how the explainer video production process ends.

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